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Camp Injustice League - Cover Page
Author: William A Stevens
Copyright: N/A

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - T he Whole Beginnin g Free

Chapter #1

Camp Injustice League ( T he Whole Beginnin g)

Part 1: The Whole Start

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Camp Injustice League
William A Stevens
As I smelled saltwater, heard a faint evil laugh, saw the back of my eyelids, and felt the
palm of my other hand, I knew this wasn’t remotely close to Beersheba. I heard… Spanish!?!
Lots of spanish. I felt a pair of scissors, cut off the duct tape, opened my eyes, looked out the
window, and saw a sign that said… “Bienvenido a Cancun de Mexico”. I screamed. The car
jerked to a stop, and I saw a disguise get thrown onto the street. I heard a beep of an alarm
clock and a familiar voice say “BOO-YAH!”. My little sister could not kidnap me! She is eight. I
pulled my eyes open, looked at my alarm clock, and the date was 04 JUNE 2086. I went to my
closet and pulled out the same old uniform. Khaki pants, long-sleeved button down shirt and
itchy wool sweater vest with the ugly school logo on it. I went down, looked at my holowatch and
3d printed out cereal. The holowatch made no bus noise. I waited for 5, 10, 30 minutes. An
hour. Two hours. I got an Uber to take me to school. The gate was chained shut. I looked at my
school calendar. Nothing. NO SCHOOL! I hadn’t had this feeling in 1 year. But this meant one
thing. I have to go to the summer camp. The one where I have nightmares about. Just last night.
I got my robot to pack my bags. I got the uber to drive me to the airport in Vegas. The airplane
took me to Exzepers. Where my summer camp is. My counselor was waiting at the gate for me.
THE counselor that i have nightmares about. He was carrying a gas mask and told me to type in
F*5rtt*:A*e6try*:O*423_hdb*|>>USAEXEPERS/suburb.ruibywerft9jauhod to my biocomputer.
Uh-Oh… Low on air and food. I checked my holowatch to look at how long I would be in
Exzepers. 1 Month. I immediately made a holocall to my mom. She said that there would be a
gas mask being shipped to me now. Told her that a gas mask wasn’t enough for this. I needed
a HazMat suit. She said that she would ship one along in the package. Mike was right. There
were almost no food in the buffet. Lucky me got first in line. Well almost first in the line. 6.4%
through. With 287 people in front of me. The camp got an upgrade. 4,484 people were going to
Camp Injustice League. The largest secret camp in the world working for “Evil” as camp justice
league says. We do good. They do evil. We took the elevator down to the REAL part of camp.
The secret society initiation room. To start. There is more to the camp but I am sworn to secrecy
to not say what is below level 10. Every year you move down 1 level. This year I am at level 9,
so I can say what happens, except for this. Mr. Jameson came up to me and said “ You know
you shouldn't have that.” I stowed it in my backpack. I Went to the room where you put your
bags. I slid them down the chute. I then went to my dorm. A package of something was waiting
on the receive spot. It was rations for the day. It came with an envelope. I immediately opened
it. It was a barcode and a QR code. I scanned it and it said, “GO TO ROOM e2 IMMEDIATELY.”
I did as it told me to and went to the room. I saw a package waiting for me and it had directions
that told me to go to “40.6413 N and 73.7781 W” I went there. Ok. What Am I doing on the
Tarmac of the busiest airport in the northeastern USA? Oh Look a plane. Better get off the
tarmac before the plane hits me. I waited until a man ushered me to a SkyX-inger F65. He
showed me his ID. Match. He flew me for almost ten hours and then we landed. There was a
sign that said “WELCOME TO BEN GURION” Then He took me on a helicopter to Beersheba.

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My Dream. I fell asleep, and when I woke up there was a man standing there with an envelope.
He told me to open it , and there was a card that said “Cohen, Moishe ID CAMP JUSTICE