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Welcome to the internet's most unique literary experience!

ChapterCat.Com is the smoothest place to read or promote all of your favorite books. ChapterCat works well on all your devices and is especially phone friendly.
Do you like to read? This site was designed around people like you. We've made it easy for you to find the perfect book to suit your mood. Just choose a genre and start reading a short “about” section and then the first chapter. Don't like the first book? Click the next button and start reading another.

Wanna just skim through some pages, choose page from the drop down menu. Don't feel like thumbing or pressing the scroll bar? We've included a variable speed auto scroll along with a book mark button for your reading convenience.
Find a book you like? Just hit the heart button and it will be added to your personal favorites. The first chapter of every book is free.

Are you a writer? This is great place for you and your book. And we have all kinds of options and tools to help you become successful. No, we are not a full service publisher, we're something totally different.
Once you register as a writer simply fill out a short paragraph describing what your book is about, then upload the first chapter.

After this you will be asked how much you would like to charge for the next chapter. That's right, many people will be unsure if they'd like to purchase a full copy of your book, but might be willing to pay a buck to read another chapter to help them decide. Others may wanna just read a chapter of this one and that one here and there. No ifs, ands, or buts, ChapterCat makes it easy.

Another tool that we've included for authors is the option window. The option window can link a reader to your Author website, your publisher's website, or even a picture or a map, advertise your next book signing, or even give the reader the option to include there name or business in your next book! Along with many other options and anything you can think of. That's right. We at ChapterCat want to make this site as diverse as possible so we included everything we could think of as an option or useful tool including a suggestion box for everyone and anyone to drop us an idea for the site.

Are you in the biz? Publisher? Book cover designer? Editor? Promoter? Ghost writer? Our registered authors have a drop down menu on their dashboard just for you guys. I wanted to put you right on their fingertips. All you have to do is register as a writer, publisher, or an advertiser, click the “Author recourses” and then “Add Services.” It's that easy.

Our motto is simple, “Diverse functionality in a simple format.” And that is what we strive for. Thank you and know that your business is greatly appreciated.

Mark Clayton Beal