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Chapter #22

Declan 2.0 (Black And Blue)

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They turned the lights down for bedtime and I was
feeling it. Yeah, I was quite exhausted. What a day. I
lay down and tried to sleep, but just wound up
tossing and turning for hours.
How could a woman with a body that tight have a
pussy that loose? Guess, I'm not a butt virgin
anymore. Wish she was here lying next to me right
now though. It's so F'n lonely in this place. I'd love to
bury my head into her firm bosom and sleep like a
like baby all night.
I spread out all over the bed and finally drifted away.
I must've been asleep for hours when I was suddenly
awakened by the sound of a cell door unlocking and
opening across from mine. I opened my eyes and it
was almost pitch black out. It must've been in the
wee morning hours. I stretched a long stretch and
then curled up on my other side, leaning my head in
a position to see what was going on across the hall.
The moon was shining through my window, dimly
lighting the scene.
I saw Rosy and the burly guard escorting a little fella
through the open doorway. They were helping him
walk and keeping him from falling. I couldn't make
out too much detail, but from what I could tell, he
looked messed up. Like somebody just gave him the
beating of a lifetime. I heard them all talking soft and
low but couldn't really make out any of their
I heard Rosy tell the other guard to go and get the ice
pack while she sat down on the bed next to the new
guy. Maybe it was a woman. I couldn't tell. I wished
Rosy was sitting next to me, and as soon as the burly
man disappeared, she got up and walked over to my
cell and whispered, “Doob-eeeeeee, you awake?”

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I just laid there quietly as the blood started flowing
into my genitals.
She whispered again, a little louder this time, “Doobie
I took my hand out of the warmth of my pants and
waved at her. Then I put it back smiling and dreamily
fantasizing about her.
She looked around to make sure nobody was
watching and then pressed her breasts together just
enough to squeeze them in between two of the bars
on my cage. She fondled her nipples hiding behind
her bulletproof, pointy bra, and moaned a little.
I whispered, “You’re killing me.”
She giggled and went back to tending the new guy.
The burly guard made his way back and gave Rosy
an ice pack. Me, I just fell asleep with my dick in my
hand and a smile on my face.
The sun came up on a rather gloomy day. I got up
and brushed my teeth after gazing out my window for
several moments. I was feeling way too good for such
a gloomy day. I think I might be falling in love. I
laughed at the thought. Me and Miss Piggy. That was
just crazy, but it did feel like love.
I washed up and made my way to breakfast. I
stopped and looked at the new guy that was snoring
loudly under his blanket. Dude, his face was messed
up. I don't think he can even see. His eyes were black
and blue, and his whole face was swollen and
disfigured from some horrible beating. It hurt me just
to look at him.
Whew, couldn't stop thinking about it all the way to
the cafeteria. As I approached the entrance, I saw
Butter standing by the open door. He looked up at me
with his face slightly in disarray, then he waggled his
tail a couple of times as his face lit up with a stupid

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He wet his nose, laughed under his breath, and said,
“Aghhhree Umm, somebody’s been playing in the pig
“What?” I asked.
He said, “Nothing gets by this nose, Doobie Dufus.”
And then I realized what he knew.
We walked in and he said, “So, did Rosy sign you
Embarrassed and ignoring him, I looked down at my
food. Freak'n franks and beans for breakfast,
unbelievable. Then I looked over at Mutt Face and
wondered, how does he know it was Rosy?
We made our way to the table and sat down. And all
the way there Butter kept begging me, “Come on
Doobie Du, give it up, man. Did she sign you up?”
I wasn't sure what he meant by 'Sign me up.' I don't
think I want to talk about it. Obviously, he could
smell right through the alcohol wipes.
“I guess that depends on what you mean by sign me
up?” I told him.
He said, “Man, Rosy is a recruiter. You didn't know
“Recruiter?” I asked. Oh, fuck, this is going to be bad.
I just know it.
“Yeah,” he replied, “for the underground sex slave
operation. They knock time off your sentence. All you
gotta do is perform and keep your mouth shut.”
“No way, dude, you’re joshing me,” I told him as I cut
a wiener in the saucy beans with the side of my fork.
He said, “I remember when she recruited me.” Oh,
no. Oh, fuck, no.
I wanted to puke. I couldn't look up at him. I couldn't
even look up. The thought of Rosy and Butter
together just killed me.
I have to cut my dick off.
That's all there is to it. I wonder if it'll grow back.

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Yeah, I'm going to be ill. My stomach knotted up in
angst and disbelief.
He said, “Buck up, cowboy, things could be worse.”
“No, no they can't. I can't believe you hit that.” I said.
He replied, “Awrrrrahwell, you know, she does like it
doggy style.”
I almost lost it right then and there.
I'm going to die. I tried looking up, but I just couldn't.
In fact, I couldn't even bring myself to open my eyes,
and when I finally did, I saw half of a little red
frankfurter sticking straight up and wobbling right at
me. That was the last straw. I'll never eat beanie
weenies again.
I looked up at the same time that Butter noticed it,
and he busted out laughing.
I got up and got out of there. I went straight to the
yard. I dry heaved a couple of times on the way.
Butter came out to the yard. Karma's lip-less, lizard
face was smiling, and he was laughing at me. It just
really wasn't that funny, though.
I walked over to the picnic table where we normally
met after lunch. I guess it will be a while before we
play poker again.
I sat on the bench and Butter hopped right up on top
of the table. Karma sat down next to me, only
backwards, and asked, “Didn't you like your franks
and beans?” I looked up at Butter and he said,
“Dude, it's not that bad.” Then he looked around and
back at me and explained, “I mean, you know, on the
sex slave train. Yeah, they make you do a lot of
stupid things, but like, the last time I was out, before
we met, I was into a heavy six-way, man. How many
guys can say that?”
“I'm not doing it,” I told him. “I'm flat out not doing it
and you’re a sick puppy.”
Butter said, “Dude, they had this chair and--”

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I cut him off sharply, “No, man, don't tell me. I don't
want to hear it. Just shut up, I don't want to talk
about it.”
He said, “Doobie, you're in. Whether you like it or
not. You'll see.”
“Nope, I ain’t doing it,” I replied
Karma's face grew curious as he focused both eyes on
Butter and asked, “What about that chair?” His lizard
face filled with intrigue. Then he said, “Me and my
husband always just loved doing it on a bikini chair.”
I probably should have got up and walked away, but I
always wanted a bikini chair just for that, probably
not now that I had to imagine gay lizard sex on one.
Butter's ears and eyebrows perked up as he began to
tell the story, “Well, it wasn't a bikini chair. This one
girl had these muscular, smoking hot thighs. Well-
toned and tan. She got up under this chair that has
hinges in the back. It had some tables left and right a
little lower than the seat. It was “U” shaped so I could
watch those sexy thighs lift me up and down while
she played with her pussy. These other girls lifted me
by my thighs and sat me down in it.”
I waved my hand in front of Karma's eyes a few times,
teasing him. He didn't even blink. He just shoved my
annoying hand out of the way and asked Butter,
“Then what?”
“Oh, dude,” Butter replied, reliving the moment. “This
blonde wearing librarian glasses on her pretty face
bent over and wet my cock. Then she turned around,
and the look on her face as she straddled me with
feet on both lower tables and slid down over my penis
as she grabbed the handles extending up on each
side of the chair. Then the one with the thighs started
lifting the librarian up and down on my bright red
bone, smooth as could be. Her pussy was smooth as
silk. Hot legs lifted me nice and slow while I fondled
these huge, perky breasts that these other two tan
beauty pressed out towards me left and right. They

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began fondling themselves and, man, it was the best
sex ever.
I could tell he was getting excited just thinking about
it. Then he excused himself and said he had to go to
the bathroom. I just hope that he doesn't get caught.
Then I wondered if he was allowed to lick himself
here in jail, like dogs do from time to time.
Hmm, what a funny thought. I hope I never think it
Besides, He's full of crap. That could never really
happen. Either way, I'm not doing it. I'm not signing
up for anything.
Karma giggled like a little girl and said, “Sex slaves
aren't the ones being pampered and pleasured. He
must've seen something’ though.”
The bell rang, and it was time to go back to our cells.
I was looking forward to going back. All this bullshit was
stressing me out. I just wanted to get back to my new
magazine. It had an article about some new discoveries in
the quantum/astrophysics nature of dark matter. There's
been talk about it being the computer chip of the
future. They need something because Windows T.E.N.
is like a traffic jam.
As I rounded the corner, I heard the new guy across
from my cell coughing and hacking and moaning in
pain. That dude is seriously messed up. I looked
when I walked up to the doors. He was on his knees
and hugging the commode. He lifted his head up, and
he looked familiar. I couldn't place the face, but I'm
pretty sure we'd met before. I turned to walk into my
cell across the hall and looked back trying to figure
out where. Maybe I would remember when his face
clears up. It is badly swollen.
I felt bad for him. I looked down the hall and saw the
burly guard and a male nurse walking towards us. I
went in and sat down on the edge of my bed, trying to
shrug off the guys pain that seemed to be like a suit
laid over my skin.

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He's going to die, I thought. I sat back and grabbed
one of the many magazines that was laying around.
This one had a quantum article about how Disney
plans to use electro-bots to build an elevator tether to
its newest and upcoming, low earth orbit theme park.
It's never been done, but scientists are saying it
should work. They are going to build a three hundred
mile rope to hoist adventure-seeking maniacs into
space for a roller coaster ride, unbelievable.
I wonder how Tonto is doing on my identity thing. I
guess it wouldn't be all bad to be known as Duboc
Fonzarelli forever. I was kind of getting used to it. I
really don't want to spend time in here just, so he can
quench some imagined challenge to send me back
into the world as Dickey Duncan Declan.
I wonder how QD is doing. Tonto probably has him
scrubbing toilets, cleaning windows eight stories
high, and washing cum-stained sheets out of the
resort's finest rooms.
Fuck, he's probably working on taking control of the
whole world through the entire quantacom network
while scrubbing toilets and cleaning windows and
washing the cum. I could see that evil little son of
bitch doing something like that.
I looked up, just in time to see an orderly undress the
unfortunate soul across the hall, and I was
astounded. Turns out ole Black and Blue is a total
fox underneath the puffy pumpkin suit. Who'd have
thought? I mean she's definitely swollen and bruised.
But I could see that her butt poofed out a little. I
really like it like that. A little extra rear in the rear,
very nice. And look, she likes it so much her back-
bone curls out.
Just as I finished that thought, she cried out in pain.
I think the orderly opened up a wound while cleaning

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Then, as if she could feel me looking at her, she
forced her puffy black and blue eyes open a bit. They
were like two solid red marbles sitting in the pockets
of two midget sized, black and blue catchers’ mitts.
My heart poured out, but my face and brain were
freaking out, scared, and disturbed.
She looked none too happy about me staring at her
naked. I pulled it together and waved a low-key hello
at her and tried to smile. I turned around and looked
out the window.
Great, now she thinks I'm a creep, just great.
I looked down at my magazine then up and out the
window. Those are some lonely tracks out there. I'd
never seen even one single train go by in all of the
time I've been here, and I've been here a long, long
time now. It's easy to lose track of time in jail.
I was feeling kind of sorry for myself as I sat there,
gazing out the window, watching the stars rise out
west. Now, I know many have it worse, but I began
Yeah, I wondered if anybody else out there in this
great, big, entire universe had a crazy, messed up life
like mine. Yeah, I wonder.
Lights out. I laid down and rolled over. I was ready
for a good night's sleep. I tossed and turned a few
Butter the weredog in a sex slave operation, having
sixums. I couldn’t believe it. He's full of shit, just
yanking my chain. He probably saw that whole scene
in a porno somewhere. No way my little miss piggy
would ever sleep with him. Sex recruiter, ha. Like I'm
an idiot. I have to admit, he had me going.
I slept well for a few hours, and then I was awakened
by Black and Blue's faint yelp. When I looked up, I
saw a caregiver changing her cold packs and
Rosy was bent over and helping her. They were
talking soft and low together and when it came time

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to leave, Rosy sent the caretaker away. She stayed
behind and sang the poor thing a lullaby.
Rosy's so sweet. And her voice was lovely. I laid there
and quietly listened to her sing softly and hum the
words she didn't know. Made me feel all warm and
fuzzy inside. The song went something like:

“Daddy how long is forever”
I don't know 'bout five or ten years
how can two people live together
in a world full of pain and fear
and then she cried
Hmmm hmmm
dumb te dum
blue berry pie”

Okay, it didn't go blue berry pie, but something that
rhymed, though. I don't know.